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    Sjoerd (Sonntag, 02 September 2012 14:39)

    Why does Deep purple drummer ian Paice wear your T-shirt during concerts

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    Norbert (Montag, 03 September 2012 10:23)

    He is a Friend of mine.

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    Lesley Pringle (Freitag, 06 September 2013 19:08)

    My Name is Lesley PrIngle from the UK, can you tell me is, is that the amazing Chef Norbert Stark in the Hawaiian Shirt, looks like him! My Husband, Richard and I were celebrating him just the other Day with his wondeful Catalan Spinnach and Pine Nuts Recipe whilst recalling those wonderful holidays in the mid 80's at Son Ganxo. Richard used to snorkel off the Rocks with Norbert and we laughed when we recalled a whole couple of days when they both repaired to Toilet Doors by the Pool, please join my Facebook. Deep Purple Rocks ~ Happy Days ~ Love ~ Lesley x

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    Carlos Mendes-Bluesman (Freitag, 24 Juli 2015 17:44)

    Yo quiero una camiseta como esta de Ustedes, que Ian Paice ha hecho este belíssimo show. Para que me dê mais suerte!
    (Perdon pelo Espanhês ou Portunhol)